You Gotta Have Fun

Its becoming clearer and clearer that for one to be successful, they need to have FUN at what they do. This is the difference between having a JOB–something we do to simply make money to live–and an AVOCATION, which is something we enjoy doing, and we just happen to get paid for it!

I was reading the book recently “Born to Run” which studies the Tarhumara Indians in the canyons of Mexico who may be the world’s most prolific distance runners, even more so than the Kenyans! The author quoted a range of variables explaining these folks amazing ability to run long distances, and win races when entered, and a key factor was passion, HAVING FUN. Doesn’t mean they don’t work hard, but they enjoy it. And in interviewing America’s finest distance runners from the US “Golden Years” of the 1960′s and 1970′s, before shoe contacts and pressure and appearance fees, the best just “ran” and enjoyed what they did. They didn’t over-think training. They ran hard but had fun. Hmmm……

Then I sit and watch the recent Manny Pacquiao/Cotto Fight on the big screen at Araneta Coliseum here in Manila. I have a great love for Manny, one of my last roles as President of P&G Philippines was to sign him to an endorsement contract on Head and Shoulders Shampoo and to work the launch plans. So I was pulling hard for him. I also have met him now several times and find him just a delight….humble, respectful, down to earth. Just a great guy. Not like many world class athletes I have met over the years.

When Manny came into the arena, he was having fun. It was obvious. When he was boxing he was having fun. Cotto on the other hand looked like a hard ass with hemmorroids and it seemed to all be a chore to him. I felt right away this fight was over. And Manny literally kicked Cotto’s rear end. Hmmm……..we can learn from sports, and having fun and passion is important.

Some people do make the mistake of having fun at the expense of hard work and discipline. This si a sure route to failure. Its about hard work and having fun.

Love what you do, have fun at it, and you shall never work another day in your life.