James offers many different seminars, training coaching programs to help best meet the needs of a diverse client base. From branding to transformational work/life balance strategies, James delivers results based on his experiences and expertise across a wide range of industries.

James also features a unique Bespoke Training program, completely customized to meet your unique needs. Whatever your needs are, Jim can help!

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The Art of Branding
Each individual is a brand. Just like your favorite shampoo, or soft drink, you as a brand evoke images and impressions in those around you. Are you building the brand equity you want or deserve?

Lifting from having successfully led some of the world's largest and most respected brands, James lifts the 7 key principles of branding that can be, and should be, applied to YOU. In short, how you can quickly become your own personal Brand Manager! It's a 2 hour journey into the world of branding, using real life examples from around the world of brands you know and love!
Swimmers vs. Water-Walkers
This short 2 hour training is based on a "famous" note Jim wrote while at P&G, that is used to this day in many global training sessions, on what is the difference between a "good" employee (one who can swim) and those rare, exceptional employees (a water walker). It is a pragmatic and easily relatable session that inspires people to become water walkers and gives them straightforward expectations on how to get there.

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Life EquiLIVrium: Effective Work and Life Balance
This program is 2.5 hour training that Jim has delivered worldwide and is one of the core trainings for work-life balance in P&G, GE and other multinationals. Sixteen proven strategies leveraging Jim's personal experiences that leave the audience inspired and deeply touched. Most participants will agree they were able to make immediate changes and see improvements within the following days!

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Becoming a World Class Organizational Manager: Seminar
This is a 1.5 day session that aims to train young or beginning to intermediate managers the six components of building an organization, from recruiting through to retention. Each element has group or individual exercises to bring the learning to life for each participant. This program was the backbone for all of P&G Western Europe over the past decade, and was designed and written by Jim. He has given this training to over 20,000 participants to date.

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Why Diversity is Important
A 90 minute talk on what tangible benefits diversity can bring to any organization, and what are the key barriers. Highly provocative, this is a replica of Jim’s Keynote speech delivered at the World Diversity Forum in 2003 (Prague). This presentation was later was delivered to senior management at the World Bank and McDonald's Corporation.

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Winning in Emerging Markets
This is a 2 hour presentation on what it takes to win in emerging markets, a key focal point for many companies today. Delivered by arguably one of the worlds most experienced and successful emerging market leaders, Jim again provides outstanding insights and proven strategies to win in these economies.

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Driving an Innovation Culture
Innovation is the buzzword in today's business climate and many organizations struggle to get sufficient innovation. Jim was a master at driving innovation, being recognized as one of P&G's most "out of the box" thinkers and leading many of his organizations to becoming fountains of innovation for the company worldwide. This reputation continued within Coca Cola and today at British American Tobacco, where the Philippines organization is lauded globally for its innovative ideas that are reapplied across other markets.

Over the course of 2.5 hours, Jim takes the audience through real life examples and the factors required to step changed innovation. Included are group exercises to define a clear action plan so the innovation can commence immediately!

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The Power of Leadership
The Power of Leadership is a 90 minute lecture on the behaviours of great leaders, based on Jim's diverse background as a coach, athlete, and business executive from continent to continent. Wonderfully down to earth and simple to follow, this program has consistently scored near perfect "5" on a 5 point rating scale!

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Bespoke Training
Jim often gives custom training to organizations based upon his vast experiences and equity as a superb leader, businessman, and man of character and depth. Some examples include talks on business ethics, what it takes to be successful without losing yourself, women's related issues, and many more.

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Executive Wellness Bootcamp
Fewer topics in the corporate world today get more HR attention than wellness. The linkages of healthier employees to increased productivity, greater longevity, and reduced sick leave—among other benefits---are well-documented. But many programs are poorly designed, taught by unprofessional fitness “experts” or are unrealistic given the corporate audience. Corporate Wellness Bootcamp is a unique program designed and taught by a CEO, for executives. James Michael Lafferty is a physiologist and Olympic Coach as well as a successful CEO. This one-day seminar covers the key components of wellness, from diet to exercise (in under 30 minutes per day!) as well as stress management (co-taught by James’ wife Carol Lafferty, a Biochemistry/Neuroscience graduate and certified Yoga instructor). Has been offered to rave reviews across North America, Europe, Asia and Africa!
Separating the good from great in Sales
Did you know that not a single university in the world offers a sales degree? They offer marketing, finance, operations and many other functional degrees, but not sales! Because great salespeople have intangibles that go beyond the classroom! James has been in sales throughout his career, from being a leading sales rep for P&G in San Antonio, Texas, through continuing to sell and manage leading customers like Carrefour, Wal-Mart, Tesco during his General Management career. He has seen it all and has identified a series of factors that separate the good from the great. It’s a highly engaging session that leaves sales teams pumped up and ready to charge out the door! Because everyone wants to be great!
Transforming your organization to be customer-centric
Being customer-centric is the way to survive and win in the global marketplace. It starts with an attitude and culture of putting customers FIRST. Putting their needs FIRST. In this half-day seminar, participants are guided through the steps required to getting to a culture and team that puts the customer at the heart of everything they do. This course has been delivered to outstanding reviews to both leading corporations as well as public seminars.
A principle is not a principle until it costs you something---the case for ethics in business
This is a popular training James has given both to companies, groups of new hires, and graduating students. In this training, James explores the means in which having a backbone of strong principles and ethics leads to winning in business. He weaves in his amazing stories of bribery attempts, press stories, life and death situations, and other defining moments to keep the audience not only riveted to their seats but refreshing their own commitment to impeccable values and principles!
The 7 habits of highly effective distributors
Many companies use distributors as a means to expand their business geographically. However as these companies know, not all distributors are created equal! Having a strong distributor, or raising the standards of an existing distributor, can be the single-largest competitive advantage for a company in a specific market. James has over 25 years of real, hands-on experience with distributors across more than 30 countries, and has distilled his learnings into a punchy talk on the 7 factors that make the best distributors the best! This is an ideal talk for teams which manage distributors and distributor management themselves.
The strategy of execution
Smart leaders know this truth—“The only strategy the customer sees is execution”. Good strategy fails when organizations don’t deliver the right execution. In this talk, James leverages his practical experience as a business leader for over 30 years, on the key principles of how to translate great strategy to even greater execution. As always, James uses his superb storytelling skills and real-life examples to bring this topic to life and make it an unforgettable training for the participants!
How to create an innovation culture
If there is one thing nearly every company needs more of, it is INNOVATION. Yet despite desiring it; demanding it; hiring for it, very few CEOs are happy with their levels of innovation. The problem mostly lies in the corporate culture, the processes, and the rewards systems in place. Over 30+ years, James has led some of the most innovative organizations within P&G, Coke, and BAT. During James’ tenure as CEO of P&G Poland, the organization built a reputation for innovation and spawned a range of ideas that were born in Poland yet went global! In this session, James will lead participants through an “A to Z” approach to getting instant results from your current team! This is a course that James has led not only for corporations but national and international associations of HR leaders.
Making the leap from winners to champions
Winners win once or occasionally. Champions are different, they win year after year. Taking a page from the learnings of the greatest dynasties in sports, James delivers a terrific session on what business leaders can learn from the greatest sports champions on what makes a champion. One of James’ most popular talks, this talk uses dynamic sports imagery and video to supplement James’ personal experiences in leading businesses and Olympic athletes in an unforgettable and inspiring session.
Making successful career changes
James has accomplished a rate trifecta—he has successfully built a career and achieved breakthrough results in three of the leading consumer goods companies in the world---Procter and Gamble, Coca-Cola, and BAT. In a talk that was designed for organizations in the midst of spin-off/divestiture, James shares his personal journey moving from one company to the next, and what the underlying learnings and attitudes which are required for making the successful “leap” to the next stage.
Winning in Key Accounts
As key retailers like Wal-Mart, Tesco, Carrefour and many others expand globally, learning how to win with these sophisticated customers is crucial to continued success. Yet many organizations, coming from a general trade (small independent store) background are ill-equipped to handle and win with these customers. The name of the game is moving past a transactional relationship and learning how to add value and become a strategic partner of the customer! In this session, James shares the 4 key pillars of winning in key accounts, leveraging his global success in leading complex businesses among the world’s leading retailers. This is a 1.5-2.0 days training that includes breakout sessions, role playing, and planning sessions around the 4 pillars. Teams are guaranteed to start delivering improved results within days of this training!

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