Jim is, without a qualm, simultaneously a classic and uncommon visionary leader. The leader who knows how to spot, name, flush and solve the problem. And each of the problem solving processes will become a memorable story in itself. And…He continuously builds teams at the same time.

A gifted speaker, Jim engages and invigorates his audience with his passion and energy. Having had the benefit of attending several of Jim’s speaking events and training sessions, Jim always brings his significant work and life experience to give perspective and challenge you on what you need to do. I continually enjoy how Jim keeps it simple yet thought provoking.
Over the years I learned that coaching is a trainable skill . I became better at it myself and I train my organization on Culture of Coaching. But I also came to a clear conclusion that there is always going to be a difference between a trained coach and A COACH. Having worked for and with thousands of senior leaders over the years, I have met only one natural born coach – that is Jim Lafferty. Speaking is a different skill. But similar to coaching – you can train it , become much much better at it. But there is a certain level that either you have it, or you never will. We all know that feeling you have after you were in a session with a great speaker. Jim is one of those speakers that have the gift. You go out of a speaking session with him feeling entertained , enlightened and inspired.
Jim is one of the most effective and motivational speakers I have had the privilege of being with. He speaks from the heart and fully utilizes the power of vivid story telling in order to evoke action from his listeners. Inspirational, authentic, and a joy to listen to; I would say Jim is in my top 10 of all-time best speakers, ever.
I have known Jim for years, ever since we worked in the same company, Procter & Gamble. Jim’s reputation of outstanding leader and charismatic speaker and trainer transcended borders and all of us wanted to either work for him or attend at least one of his trainings. To put it plain and simple, Jim is an amazing force of nature! In his vocabulary, the word impossible does not exist. He is the epitome of impossible is nothing, the well known slogan of Adidas. He doesn’t believe in barriers and he lives his life like this, both in business and in personal life. Always challenging the status quo, he pushes the boundaries and stretches both himself and his team. Super hard working, he is an endless reservoir of inspiration and energy. It’s been a rare privilege working with him and his people in both BAT and FHH as I was training them negotiation skills. I wholeheartedly highly recommend Jim to any organization that wants to boldly go where no other organization has gone before!
Jim is a passionate speaker and teacher who brings his vast hands-on experience across the globe, combined with his deeply help beliefs, to help inspire and grow leaders, in the business sphere, in sports and in life….
I’ve had the honor and privilege of having Jim coming to speak with my teams a few times about work-life balance. In every occasion the result is the same, people are jumping off their feet motivated and energized. Jim’s combination of unbeatable presentation skills plus his genuine, deep and personal experience on the subject has made this talk a life changing experience for many people in my group. This has resulted in incredible engagement, motivation and commitment from the team to our company.


President - Ontex

Jim has been my first boss and mentor for the past 20 years. He is one of the most inspirational, down to earth, no bullshit Speakers I know. His stories collected and passed on by young ABM’s as the bible for staying authentic, action driven and courageous in the fast changing corporate jungle. When he left P&G, I asked him to come speak to the crowds and he gave us his all for a whole week 24/7 to share all of his notorious key notes. Needless to say, the place was packed. Men brought in their wives and Young mums even came on their maternity break with their baby’s on lap to hear one of (if not THE) most legendary P&G speakers.
James Lafferty demonstrated that you can not only be successful but humble and considerate. Inspired and a great model. And with all of the above, he also parted branding knowledge.


South Ruislip - UK

James Lafferty spoke from the heart and came out with totally unexpected information, way past over-delivering and emotional. Unexpected.


London UK

I was blown away by James Lafferty and his speech. He deserves a 10+. Would love to hear him again. Can’t wait for his book.


London UK

Great ideas about branding. But… James Lafferty’s sincerity and honesty was overall the most impressive presentation to hear.


London UK

James — Respect to you!! You hear of people like you but to meet them, amazing. You made me cry to know you exist in my life. Thank you.


London UK

I loved the content given by James Lafferty. It was insightful and talked of things I had never though of even though I have listened to “Branding Gurus” before. However, what will never leave me is James’ humanity and bravery. What a truly inspirational man.


Radlett UK

I was so deeply, deeply touched by James’ nobility of spirit. I was blown away even more because I truly did not expect that a corporate professional of his caliber could have such an open heart. And I want to thank him for humbling me and inspiring me. I feel in tune with his highest values and am happy that he also confirmed that my vision for a corporate world full of people with such heart is not exactly a mad idea!!


Exeter UK

In regards to James, I do not think I can add any more words of praise for him. He took my heart with him in his talk. VERY, VERY powerful advice; He is a real spirited being with a human experience.


Harefield UK

James Lafferty is an inspiration — Being challenged on integrity made me reflect on if the going got tough, how would I be?


London UK

James has lots of wisdom & moral values which are important in business as they give credibility and authority also through his stories and experiences.


Bedford UK

Jim Lafferty literally blew the minds of all the people around the business with his deep passion for higher productivity without any need for capital investments just by doing the right things right.
There are only few people in life you meet that inspire you so much. And Jim for me was one of the biggest sources of inspiration – as a leader and as a man.
Jim is a great example of a strong and inspiring leader, Jim leads by example, high integrity and with an overflow of positive energy supported by a clear sense of direction.
A living definition of a LEADER – with HEART bigger than his whole body.