• There are only few people in life you meet that inspire you so much. And Jim for me was one of the biggest sources of inspiration - as a leader and as a man. His courage, boldness and stamina in driving results blended with genuine compassion about people and world are all unforgettable. I believe Jim himself not only turned P&G Polska from good to great but he created what I would call a 'Jim's generation' or two of managers who later - in or out of P&G - carried on this legacy achieving strong business breakthroughs and giving good example to young people - exactly because of Jim.

    Tomir M. Kaczmarek
    Consumer Marketing and Organization Leader


  • Jim is a great example of a strong and inspiring leader, Jim leads by example, high integrity and with an overflow of positive energy supported by a clear sense of direction. In addition I find his commitment to developing young Filipino leaders very inspiring. Jim is a true contribution to the country.

    Bjorn Martinoff
    Executive Coach to CEO's


  • A living definition of a LEADER - with HEART bigger than his whole body.

    Przemek Dzierbicki
    Group Brand Director at Heineken


  • Jim Lafferty as we call him in the Philippine office is a very smart executive. He knows the consumer goods business in and out. He has deep understanding of the markets even though he is quite new to Asia. His passion for excellence is matched by his unwavering support for the development of his people. I believe he will lead P&G as a group in the years to come.

    Jay Michael Jaboneta
    Global Fellow at Acumen Fund


  • Jim Lafferty literally blew the minds of all the people around the business with his deep passion for higher productivity without any need for capital investments just by doing the right things right. Simple but not simplistic. A high energy individual that was able to juggle a lot of things at the same time.He did not hesitate to share his knowledge freely and openly and tackled without reservation the difficult issues that invariably many large sub saharan business do face.

    Ojo Adebere
    Category Buyer at PZ Cussons


  • Jim was an inspirational leader of the Family Care organization! He painted a vision to be profitable (something that hadn't been done in the history of the organization and was a fairly lofty goal) in a very heavily saturated European paper business. We achieved that goal in large part due to his leadership on driving innovation and cost control concurrently. He put the right people in the right roles, many times allowing people to work across their normal functional boundaries. As a relatively small team, we became a key organizational staffing source for other Western European businesses. Jim is an excellent speaker who speaks from the heart and enthralls his audiences! I highly recommend Jim as a speaker and as a consultant to help set a true leadership culture and drive breakthrough results!

    Chris Allen
    Retired P&G Executive


  • Jim is a fantastic speaker. At the IMMAP (Internet and Mobile Marketing Association of the Philippines) 2-days Summit, he scored the highest amongst all the speakers and it was because he has (1) captured the attention of the audience with his easy to read slides, entertaining materials in his entire talk; (2) thought provoking ideas; (3) shared clear steps on how his teams success on digital marketing can be re-applied by others; (4) ended his presentation with a challenge to the PH industry to take it to the next level of digital marketing. Jim is a one of the best (if not the best) P&G leader/manager I have worked with. He is always passionate on doing the right thing and stand for it, despite of personal risk. He leads by example and he is humble/approacheable despite of his achievements. He is a great corporate athlete trainer and a true friend. A very principle-based person. I am just one of Jim's fans from Philippines and for most of us, we just couldn't find the right words to describe him nor consider ourselves worthy to be able recommend him.

    Albet Buddahim
    PH Digital Marketing and Asia DBP
    Procter and Gamble Asia Pvt. Ltd


  • It has been a couple of years time since I last worked with Jim, but his impact on me as a manager and as a human being still is big, and I am very proud of that. Getting to know Jim is like getting to know a friend you might have met in a previous life. His coaching of people is outstanding, he carefully helps people to identify and leverage their best skills and strongest strengths. I wouldn't be in business where I am now without Jim, and my life wouldn't be like it is today. Jim is honest, straight-forward, challenging and rewarding at the same time, believes in the good of everyone, and has a natural instinct for running a business.

    Thomas Pelz
    Associate Director, Consumer & Market Knowledge at Procter & Gamble


  • Jim is absolutely one of the those people you must meet. He is highly intelligent and still has a great sense of humor. He is so insightful, you would think after only a short time that he has known you for years. He has an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and life in general. Not only does he strive to learn all about the people and customs that surround him, but also almost any aspect of life he chooses to concentrate on. He studies and reads up on everything big and small, including such things as Countries' policies and procedures and medical advances, yet still has time to learn about the events and achievements of students from his high school and college Alma Maters. As one who has climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro, skied the Alps, visited the German concentration camps, survived the tsunami, celebrated New Years in Australia, learned several foreign languages and much more, Jim set out early on to enjoy and experience life to the fullest. He created his own "Bucket List" when we were in high school, and has kept it with him, modifying it as time goes on. (I'm certain he fulfilled the original list long ago.) He is a true inspiration and someone you must meet.

    Nick Perrino
    Owner, Prodigy Title Agency

  • James Lafferty has lots of wisdom & moral values which are important in business as they give credibility and authority also through his stories and experiences

    Trevor Fisher
    Bedford, UK

  • James Lafferty is an inspiration -- Being challenged on integrity made me reflect on if the going got tough, how would I be?

    Patsy Buchanan
    London, UK

  • In regards to James, I do not think I can add any more words of praise for him. He took my heart with him in his talk. VERY VERY powerful advice; He is a real spirited being with a human experience.

    Panayota Papacharalambous
    Harefield, UK

  • I was so deeply, deeply touched by James' nobility of spirit. I was blown away even more because I truly did not expect that a corporate professional of his caliber could have such an open heart. And I want to thank him for humbling me and inspiring me. I feel in tune with his highest values and am happy that he also confirmed that my vision for a corporate world full of people with such heart is not exactly a mad idea!

    Rossana Chiarelli
    Exeter, UK

  • I loved the content given by James Lafferty. It was insightful and talked of things I had never though of even though I have listened to "Branding Gurus" before. However, what will never leave me is James' humanity and bravery. What a truly inspirational man.

    Kim Wright
    Radlett, UK

  • Was blown away by James Lafferty and his speech. He deserves a 10+. Would love to hear him again. Cant wait for his book.

    Andrew Mondia
    London, UK

  • James Lafferty spoke from the heart and came out with totally unexpected information, way past over-delivering and emotional. Unexpected.

    John Keedwell
    London, UK

  • James Lafferty -- he demonstrated that one/you can not only be successful but humble and considerate. Inspired and a great model. And with all of the above, he also parted branding knowledge.

    Deenita Pattni
    South Ruislip, UK

  • I was left with a clear understanding of branding and why my business has not had the growth I have desired. There is always room to learn more about branding so why not learn from the best. Thank you for the experience.

    Carolina Lopez
    Los Angeles USA

  • James was rated the top speaker at GE’s Human Resources Development Forum for the Americas in Crotonville, NY. His presentation on Work Life Effectiveness was rated outstanding by 94% of the participants.  The participants consisted of Approximately 115 nominated Human Resource professionals from various businesses and geographies within the GE organization.

    Meridith Barone
    Program Leader - HR Training & Development
    General Electric Company

  • Dear James, I want to thank you again for your great presentation this weekend at the "Millionaire Business Bootcamp" in Chicago. Also for bringing your son and giving me a new way to let others know about the goodness and love that still exists in this world, expressed by you through the opportunity God gave you with your loving son, 'The Apple of your Eye' Kenji. I will remember all your teachings about branding but a lot more, the act of love you showed to Kenji. May God continue to bless you and your family, soon to be grandpa.

    Ilde Torres

  • James Lafferty is not only this extraordinary man who speak his mind, means what he says and does what he means. James Lafferty is the very definition of home truths, Branding, Loyalty and Excellence. When there is a chance of meeting Jim, even on the other side of the world, don't think twice, just go there and make sure you have a seat in that conference room! Be there to meet this giant heart and be forever grateful. I treasure every single moment of learning the Virtues of Branding from the very man who invented The Art of Branding. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    Marina Nani
    Author of Away From Home: The Hotel Alternative

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