Procter & Gamble investing P1 billion in ‘value’ packaging

Procter & Gamble is investing over P1 billion on new value packaging that would give consumers more value for their purchases of laundry products in an effort to help consumers survive the economic crunch.

P & G said that its initiative dubbed “Taba” value packaging would give consumers up to 35 percent more products for their laundry brands Tide, Ariel and Mr. Clean while maintaining their current prices.

The new packaging would come in bigger sachet packages of 80 grams from 70 grams and Ariel at 54 grams for the same price.

The company will also come up with 9 skews of different weights. The biggest packaging comes in 2 kilo packaging. P&G is a leading produce of laundry products.

The new value packaging initiative would be launched tomorrow with P & G Philippines president and general manager James M. Lafferty. Trade and Industry Undersecretary for Consumer Welfare Zenaida C. Maglaya is expected to grace the event.

Lafferty will present the company’s standing in the Philippine laundry market and explain why the multinational is offering this new value initiative to consumers.

P & G has continued to invest in the country. In May last year, the company opened its P400 million expanded distribution center saying the company was committed to invest more in the country including a possible $20 million expansion of its paper line (diaper and feminine napkins) given the competitiveness of the local business environment.

The expansion has increased by 50 percent the warehouse capacity of its Cabuyao plant inside the Light Industry and Science Park in Laguna. The facility has now the capacity to handle close to 20,000 more pallets of finished goods.

The warehouse is also equipped with the latest warehouse management system, including wireless terminals for real-time transactions.

P & G has been posting double digit last year and a steady increase in sales of up to P30 billion from P25 billion level three years ago.

The Philippine unit, the 3rd oldest subsidiary of the US-based P & G, has remained competitive largely because of its quality source of talent and cost.

Products that are imported or subcontracted by P& G include Perla, Pantene, Rejoice, Head and Shoulders from Bangkok, Ivory, Vicks, Olay and Pringles.