About the Lagos Lagoon Road Runners

Rumor has it that the LLRR began in mid-2010 when Coach Jim Lafferty (former CEO of the Nigerian Bottling Company) chased fellow runners down to organize some regular runs around Lagos. Soon the group had grown to over 20 runners, of all skill levels.

Coach Jim expanded the running to include “puke sessions” (don’t ask), “adventure runs”, and Saturday morning long runs. All set in the chaotic urban setting of Lagos Nigeria.

Today we are loosely organized group of runners, fitness freaks and general adrenaline seeking folks. The L2R2 has boys and girls, from age 16 to way over 50. We come from all over the world – local Lagosians join with runners from just about every continent of the globe.

Our running skills range from begining runners who are hoping to run their first 5k, to serious marathon and ultra runners. Everyone fits it.

We remain a loosely organized group of fun runners. If you’re living in Laogs, or coming to visit, get in touch with us. We’d love to show you around our crazy part of the world.

Esther and John